Trailers: New & Old

Hey gang, well the days are getting longer and the temps are rising. We’re finally starting to hear from people looking to get their rides prepped for the season, but before you hit the road make sure your trailer is worthy!

If you had us service your trailer last fall then a quick look for tire pressure, lights and damage will do. If you haven’t had it serviced in a while take a closer look  for rust and if you can jack up each tire one at a time and give it a wiggle and a spin. Listen for grindig, scraping or scratching. If you think the trailer won’t make it give us a call and we’ll come help.


Trailer Service

I mentioned trailer service, typically we recommend a fall inspection and repair. This consists of raising the trailer for inspection. If there are signs of wear or damage we will order the necessary parts if they aren’t in stock. If everything sounds and looks good we remove the bearings, clean and then grease them. It takes about an hour for standard trailer service.


Bearing Buddies

We also recommend you install Bearing Buddies on your trailer to lengthen the life of your bearings. These have a spring loaded piston that pushes against the grease to help keep water out. When your hubs are warm from driving and you back em into the cold water it creates a vacuum that pulls water into the bearing. The BB’s are about $25 each and well worth it.



So your trailer  broke, …it happens. We had a customer drive down with a broken leaf spring the other day, whoa. We can put your ski on one of our trailers if yours is broken so don’t risk it.



First we inspect your broken trailer and assess the damage. Then it’s time to figure out if it’s worth fixing. Depending on what failed it’s often more cost effective to buy a new one. For instance our customer with the broken leaf spring would have had to replace the springs, hardware, axle, hubs and fenders. Parts and labor costing about $500 so he went with a new  one.


New Trailers

We sell new trailers from Road King. They are U.S. made, welded  and hot dipped galvanized. These trailers are sweet and they’re only $699 plus an hour for delivery and set up. Most people opt for the new trailer instead of repairing their old one. We can get bigger trailers and doubles too, just call for pricing.


Thanks guys and we’ll see you on the water!

New galvanized trailer
New galvanized trailer