Gear Up: 2016 JetSki Season

Gear Up 2016

We’re Looking Forward to 2016!

We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our loyal clients, friends & family.

Thanks for your support!


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Where we started

It’s been just over 3 years since we officially opened the shop.  Like a lot of new small businesses ours began after I lost what seamed to be a promising career doing work I really enjoyed.  My role was to maintain, repair & assist in the deployment/recovery of offshore moorings equipped for scientific research. The core of the business was building storm stable moorings that monitored right whales to help mitigate ship strikes. I loved working on the ships and everyone in Woods Hole was great, but with no new projects coming in and budget cuts pressuring our parent company I was let go.

bouy pic Jan 2011
Mooring deployment aboard RV Uconn

With change comes opportunity

My friends and I have always repaired our own skis. Luckily I enjoy it, but really we had limited options. There seemed to be plenty of boat techs around but few had the desire or experience to work on pwc’s. We could bring them to the dealer, but they are few and far between. We knew there was an opportunity to help a lot of people and CCJS was born.


With the warm winter we’ve had I’m starting to get calls from people looking to get rolling on projects. I don’t like to start pulling shrink-wrap off till April so right now its just planning & scheduling. Its looking like we’ll be going mobile full time this summer. Home base will still be at Industrial dr until July. We can do most services at your place so if you want to save yourself some time let me know. All our parts suppliers are happy including Kellogg which was a new addition last year. If you need any boat supplies please hit me up. We don’t stock much but they deliver by truck next day. When you order through us we can save you some money & it helps us make our sales quota.

We need your help!

In closing this mini state of CCJS address I want to ask for your help. In order for us to keep CCJS open we need referrals. If you’re happy and you know it tell a friend, or a random person you see with a JetSki 🙂  When you refer someone new, have them mention who sent them and you both get 10% off your next service.

Thanks again guys and we’ll see you soon,

Chris H